Soul Sleeping

Midweek Humor with MPT

Today’s post will be short and funny (okay it might not be funny to some, but to theology nerds like me it will be hilarious). I continue my Wednesday regular column of midweek humor with Matthew Paul Turner. If you haven’t checked out his site yet, you really should because it is a great daily laugh. Check it out here.

Today’s post again comes from his book What You Didn’t Learn from Your Parents About Christianity. Quoted from page 91:

Finally, the True Definition of Three Confusing Apostle Paul Terms

  • Predestination: A predestination is a destination you visit on your way to another destination. In other words, it’s the destination before the actual destination.
  • Soul Sleeping: Soul sleeping is a condition that sometimes affects R&B singers, causing an album to suck.
  • Thessalonica: We have no idea what “thessalonica” means, but we’re pretty sure people in California are caught doing it all the time.