Charles Wesley


Round 2: Northwestern and Duke Div Brackets

We have moved on to Round 2 of the tourney and by 10 p.m. Central time tomorrow night we will be down to the Sweet Sixteen.  Voting will be the same as round 1: vote on whatever metric you determine and vote by 10 p.m. the day the match-ups are posted.  Starting with this round you won’t be able to see the results until they are announced the next day to keep a little tension.  Saturday, I will post the updated brackets which will show the Sweet Sixteen.

So here we go:

Northwestern Bracket:

(1) John Calvin vs. (9) St. Basil the Great

(4) Rob Bell vs. (5) Pope John Paul II

(6) Dietrich Bonhoeffer vs. (14) Greg Boyd

(2) Thomas Aquinas vs. (10) St. Anselm

Duke Divinity Bracket:

(1) St. Augustine vs. (9) N.T. Wright

(5) Reinhold Niebuhr vs. (13) John of the Cross

(3) Mark Driscoll vs. (6) Francis of Assisi

(2) John Wesley vs. (10) Charles Wesley


Round 1: Duke Div Bracket

Alright folks, the games have begun. Here is how it goes. Listed below are the match-ups, above the polls (where you vote) will be the matchup with links to information on the contestants. There are no guidelines for voting. You vote based on whatever qualifications you determine. Voting will be closed at 10 p.m. central time the day of the matchup (official results) and the results will be listed on the next post that has the next matchup voting.  So without further delay here are the “official” Northwestern Bracket results and the polls for the Duke Div Bracket.

Northwestern Bracket Results:

(1) John Calvin defeated (16) Bruce A. Ware: 19-2

(9) St.Basil the Great defeated (8) Shane Claiborne: 11-8

(5) Pope John Paul II defeated (12) Doug Pagitt: 15-6

(4) Rob Bell defeated (13) Paul Tillich: 14-6

(6) Dietrich Bonhoeffer defeated (11) Beth Moore: 20-0

(14) Greg Boyd defeated (3) John Piper: 12-6

(10) St. Anselm defeated (7) Walter Bruegemann: 14-6

(2) Thomas Aquinas defeated (15) Jurgen Moltmann: 16-5

Duke Div Bracket Voting:

(1) St. Augustine vs. (16) Tony Jones

(8) Jonathan Edwards vs. (9) N.T. Wright

(5) Reinhold Niebuhr vs. (12) Richard Niebuhr

(4) Francis Chan vs. (13) John of the Cross

(6) Francis of Assisi vs. (11) Lesslie Newbigin

(3) Mark Driscoll vs. (14) Adolph von Harnack

(7) Stanley Hauerwas vs. (10) Charles Wesley

(2) John Wesley vs. (15) Teresa of Avila