Bruce A. Ware

Northwestern Bracket

Round 1: Northwestern Bracket

Alright folks, the games will now begin. Here is how it will go. Listed below are the match-ups, above the polls (where you vote) will be the matchup with links to information on the contestants. There are no guidelines for voting. You vote based on whatever qualifications you determine. Voting will be closed at 10 p.m. central time the day of the matchup (official results) and the results will be listed on the next post that has the next matchup voting.  Let the tourney begin!

1. John Calvin vs. 16. Bruce A. Ware

8. Shane Claiborne vs. 9. St. Basil the Great

5. Pope John Paul II vs. 12. Doug Pagitt

4. Rob Bell vs. 13. Paul Tillich

6. Dietrich Bonhoeffer vs. 11. Beth Moore

3. John Piper vs. 14. Greg Boyd

7. Walter Brueggemann vs. 10. St. Anselm

2. Thomas Aquinas vs. 15. Jurgen Moltmann