Brian McLaren


Round 1: Winona Bracket and OT GAME

Here is how it goes. Listed below are the match-ups, above the polls (where you vote) will be the matchup with links to information on the contestants. There are no guidelines for voting. You vote based on whatever qualifications you determine. Voting will be closed at 10 p.m. central time the day of the matchup (official results) and the results will be listed on the next post that has the next matchup voting.  So without further delay here are the “official” Chatfield Bracket results and the polls for the Winona Bracket.

For the first time in the tourney we have an overtime game…the madness is here.  The matchup that is a tie will go into overtime with voting for the overtime game going until 2 p.m. central time at which time I will post an updated score and final victor on this post.

Chatfield Bracket Results:

(1) Martin Luther defeated (16) Thomas Merton: 24-7

(9) St. Benedict defeated (8) Anne Lamott: 21-10

***(5) Dorothy Day and (12) John Howard Yoder move into overtime with a score of 15-15***

(13) John Cobb defeated (4) Rick Warren: 16-14

(6) Henri Nouwen defeated (11) Jacob Arminius: 17-13

(14) Adam Hamilton defeated (3) Pat Robertson: 23-4

(7) Soren Kierkegaard defeated (10) St. Athanasius: 17-13

(2) C.S. Lewis defeated (15) Marilynne Robinson: 26-3

**Updated Overtime Results**

(5) Dorothy Day defeats (12) John Howard Yoder in overtime: 34-25.

Winona Bracket Voting:

(1) Martin Luther King Jr. vs. (16) Paul Ramsey

(8) Brian McLaren vs. (9) Julian of Norwich

(5) Karl Barth vs. (12) Diana Butler Bass

(4) Max Lucado vs. (13) Barbara Brown Taylor

(6) Joyce Meyer vs. (11) John Perkins

(3) T.D. Jakes vs. (14) Karl Rahner

(7) Donald Miller vs. (10) Gregory of Nyssa

(2) Billy Graham vs. (15) Os Guinness