Remember Your Baptism….

How many of you remember your baptism? Many of us as United Methodist might not be able to “remember” our baptism in the form of “recollection” because many of us were baptized as infants.  However, I am not one of those United Methodists who were baptized as infants because I didn’t become United Methodist until I was a teenager and the faith tradition my family came from “dedicated” infants.  So when we are told to remember our baptism, I can remember it clearly because I was in 7th grade.  I can remember Rev. Donald Baker pouring the water over my head at Faith Community Reformed Church and I can remember the feeling of overwhelming awe.

There was a great video to begin worship here at Exploration where a woman shared coming to terms with “remembering” her baptism after being told in school to “Remember the Alamo” and struggling with how to remember something she didn’t witness.  Her teach said something to the effect that she is to remember as to remind herself of the experience.  It is different than recollection of some stored memory but rather the practice of remember the reality that did happen.

In baptism God acts upon us and makes us a new creation, but with that act of creation God also calls us into ministry.  Everyone gathered here this weekend was called into ministry through their baptism.  That means that no matter how that call takes shape (ordained ministry or lay ministry) we are all called as followers of Christ.  I was struck by the way that Rev. Adam Hamilton framed our call as Christians:  “As Christians we are called to be the light of the world….so go punch holes of light in the darkness.”  That brings our call down into something manageable.  In all our walks of life we are called to bear light to the world around is.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if every Christian approached every interaction by asking, “How can I punch a hole of light into the darkness that may be present in this situation?”

My hope is that everyone who reads this recognizes that the call has already been placed upon you.  It is not something in the future, but something that happened in the past with ramifications in the present and future.  You were called in your baptism.  You already are in ministry and here this weekend the exploration for everyone is really this: to which context of life are you called to live out that calling.

My God’s whisper tickle your ear and soften your heart to gain clarity for the amazing things God can do through you.  In the words of Adam Hamilton, “Dream God Sized Dreams!”

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