The 2011 Influential Christian Thinker Champion

Well the field of 64 was narrowed down to just two: St. Augustine and Martin Luther. The championship game was one that was back and forth throughout the weekend with each competitor taking the lead at various points and many occasions where it was tied. With only 10 minutes to go the match was all knotted up and then Augustine was able to slowly separate himself from the great reformer Martin Luther. Final score: Augustine wins 29-27

So here is your Methodist Justin’s 2011 Influential Christian Thinker Champion:

St. Augustine

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  1. I had a lot of fun with this Justin. Thanks for all your effort. I imagine this wasn’t a simple little thing to throw together. I look forward to future Tourney’s.

  2. Why whatever do you mean by “bombarding” Augustine with my votes? Take it up with the NCAA, my lawyers have instructed me to say nothing.

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