Midweek Humor with MPT

Today’s post will be short and funny (okay it might not be funny to some, but to theology nerds like me it will be hilarious). I continue my Wednesday regular column of midweek humor with Matthew Paul Turner. If you haven’t checked out his site yet, you really should because it is a great daily laugh. Check it out here.

Today’s post again comes from his book What You Didn’t Learn from Your Parents About Christianity. Quoted from page 91:

Finally, the True Definition of Three Confusing Apostle Paul Terms

  • Predestination: A predestination is a destination you visit on your way to another destination. In other words, it’s the destination before the actual destination.
  • Soul Sleeping: Soul sleeping is a condition that sometimes affects R&B singers, causing an album to suck.
  • Thessalonica: We have no idea what “thessalonica” means, but we’re pretty sure people in California are caught doing it all the time.
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